Ahmed Musa: “The brothers of Turkey have turned against Erdogan … they sell their father for good.”


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Journalist Ahmed Musa said that any Brotherhood member could sell his “father” and always look for his interest, have no relationship with anyone and work to destroy anyone.

He added during his presentation of the program “My Responsibility” broadcast on the Sada al-Balad channel, that when the international organization of the Brotherhood found talks between Egypt and Turkey in the recent period, the Brotherhood decided to sell Turkey.

Ahmed Moussa revealed that the Brotherhood leaders began allying with the Felicity Party as against Erdogan, explaining that the Felicity Party is an Islamic party and a party close to the Brotherhood organization.

Journalist Ahmed Musa explained that the Felicity Party is unknown and has no influence in Turkey, and that it is a weak party.

Ahmed Moussa added that Erdogan had provided the terrorist Brotherhood since 2013 with what the terrorist Hassan al-Banna did not, and at the present time the Brotherhood leaders began to join forces with the Felicity Party.

He added that the members of the terrorist Brotherhood in Turkey split after the concealed disclosure of the organization’s members meeting with the leaders of the Felicity Party.

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