Ahmed Musa: “The state is doing everything on it … Our Lord takes the India scenario away from us” (video)


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Journalist Ahmed Moussa thanked the citizens for their commitment to implementing the precautionary measures, and for staying inside homes during Sham El-Nessim vacation.

Moussa continued, during the “On My Responsibility” program on the Sada Al-Balad channel: “The first time there is no celebration of sniffing the breeze in the streets and parks,” adding: “The streets are empty and thank the citizens for their commitment.”

Moussa expressed his wish for the citizens’ commitment to continue, noting that the governor of Giza inspects the zoo to ensure that it is closed to citizens in implementation of the precautionary measures.

Moussa explained that the governor of Giza criticized the head of the Dokki neighborhood for the presence of some waste in the streets, and asked him to conduct field trips to ensure the safety of the facilities.

Moussa thanked the governor of Alexandria, saying: “He made a press on a cafe that serves shisha, and issued a decision to close it for a month,” indicating that the state is keen on the health of citizens in light of the third wave of the Corona virus.

Moussa appealed to the citizens to quickly register to obtain the Corona vaccine, saying: “She will protect you, not harm you, do not listen to some of the voices of the fugitive,” adding: “Our Lord keeps the India scenario away from us.”

Moussa added, “The state does everything on it, and citizens are only required to commit.”

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