Ahmed Saad does not mind the revival of Sumaya al-Khashab’s wedding, Ali Muhammad Ramadan – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Egyptian folk singer Ahmed Saad confirmed that he did not mind reviving the wedding of the artist Mohamed Ramadan to the artist Sumaya al-Khashab.

And it was reported that Muhammad Ramadan asked Ahmed Saad to contract with him to revive his wedding to Sumaya al-Khashab within the events of the series “Musa”.

Saad explained that he does not mind reviving the wedding ceremony in principle, and does not confuse his personal crises with contracting to sing in artistic works.

Saad said through a phone call to the program mbc trending: I have no problem on my part, and indeed there was talk about that, but we did not reach any agreement, and I do not know whether I will sing or not?

Saad refused to deny or confirm a contract with him to revive the wedding of Musa (Muhammad Ramadan) from the teacher Halawethem (Sumaya al-Khashab) and added: Until now, I cannot deny or confirm the matter, in order not to say false news. The events of the series.

Saad did not indicate how negotiations would continue with him regarding participation in the series, while the producer and director Mohamed Salama announced the end of filming the series last Thursday, and the completion of the editing of the rest of the episodes and their delivery to the casual satellite channels.


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