Ahmed Samy calls on Smouhas players to maintain his exciting record against Zamalek


Talib Ahmed Sami, technical director of the club’s first football team Smouha, The players during evening training by maintaining its number in the league that it is the only team that suffered a single defeat during its career In leagueAfter the fall of Al-Ahly والزمالك Pyramids are more than a match.

Ahmad Sami

Ahmed Sami warned the players about the difficulty of meeting Zamalek, stressing that the competition for the league has flared up between the two poles of the league, and therefore the white will try to win, indicating that he will not defend against Zamalek and to be in a reactionary position.

El Hani Suleiman

Ahmed Sami called on his players to continue the offensive ball, hijacking an early goal to confuse Zamalek, narrowing spaces for Zamalek players and closely monitoring the keys of the white midfield players.

Smouha training

The Smouha coach met with the attackers and asked them to take advantage of fair opportunities, stressing that big matches are scarce opportunities. Ahmed Sami seeks to break the draws that the team has called during the league and to preserve its record of defeats, with only one defeat from Zamalek.


It is expected that Smouha will play the match with a formation consisting of:

Goalkeeper: El Hany Suleiman.

Defense: Athar Al-Taher and welcomed Nabil, Mahmoud Al-Badry and Sherif Reda.

Midfield: Halimo and Kanaria and Ahmed Abdelkader.

The attack: Mustafa Fathy, Abdelkbir El-Wadi and Derek Nsinampi

Mustafa Fathy

And absent from the meeting, Ahmed Homs for suspension, Omar Salah, Ahmed Jamal and Mohamed Shukry for injury, in addition to Mohamed Abdel Moneim for technical reasons.


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