Ahmed Shaiba: I refused to appear in “Sheikh Al-Hara” twice because of the questions … I will never forget my problem with Samar Yusri | news


The popular singer Ahmed Shaiba is a guest on today’s episode of the “Sheikh of the Hara and the Daring” program, becoming the last guest of the program this year.

Ahmed Shaiba spoke behind the scenes of filming the episode and answered a number of quick questions. He revealed that he appeared on the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Daring” program after he refused to appear in it twice, due to his lack of love for surprising questions, but he decided to take the adventure this year.

Shaybah revealed that he recently entered the world of social media, saying that he responds to the owners of the offensive comments, and the last of them was a person who tried to provoke him because he posted a picture in which he wore a jilbab, indicating that he was keen to confront the person and teach him an unforgettable lesson.

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He explained that the most famous problem he faced was in the “Night of Summer” program, when the media, Samar Yusri, referred to his previous work as a plumber, which angered him and pushed him to leave in the middle of the episode, indicating that he was treated with neglect by one of the program’s authors behind the scenes.

Shaybah added that he had problems speaking during his childhood and his family thought that he would become mute, but he recovered in the elementary stage, and became a singer, something that he did not expect when he was young.

Ahmed Shaiba lost control of his tears when asked about the most difficult thing he had gone through during his life, as he remembered his father.

Ahmed Shaiba concluded the interview, saying that he was afraid of being asked about his family life, and that he felt some anxiety from his interview with Inas Al-Deghidi.

It is noteworthy that the program “Sheikh of Al-Hara and Al-Darara” is shown daily during the month of Ramadan at exactly 6:25 pm, Cairo time, on Al-Qahirah wa Al-Nas channel.

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