Aisha Othman is represented for the first time in the Egyptian drama My Lady


Tunisian media revealed Aisha Othman Surprisingly, she contracted to participate as an actress for the first time in the Egyptian drama, by embodying the character of Qamar, who is the guest of honor of the series “Fares Without a Passport”, which is shown in the Egyptian series of Ramadan 2021, starring the singer Mustafa Qamar.

Aisha Othman
Aisha Othman and Mustafa Qamar from the Fares Without Passport series (photo from the producing company)

Aisha appears during the next episodes of the series, which revolves in a comic framework, so that the artist Mustafa Qamar seeks to marry her as soon as he admires her during her stay in the hotel that he owns, but this marriage will not take place, after the occurrence of a group of comic situations that prevent their marriage.

Aisha Othman
Aisha Osman is an actress for the first time

Aisha Othman showed her happiness with her first experiences in the Egyptian drama, confirming in a press release that “Madam Net” obtained a copy of it that she chose to overlook the Egyptian public through a comic act as a start to her launch in the world of acting, explaining that she chose the series “Fares Without Permit” for several reasons. Most notably, the author of the series, Fida Al-Shandawili, who made many fingerprints in the world of drama, in addition to the fact that the hero of the work is the artist Mustafa Qamar, with whom he has had a strong friendship for several years, since he was a guest on her program in Tunisia in 2014, and the friendship continues until right Now.

Aisha added that she received several dramatic performances this year, but she preferred to have her start as a guest of honor over the Egyptian public through a comic act, especially since comedies are widely accepted among viewers, and she added that presenting comedy is difficult, especially in light of its presentation to the people of All categories are comic and it is difficult to make them laugh except through special and well-made work.

Aisha concluded her speech, stressing that the coming period will witness many surprises at both levels, whether in acting or presenting programs, stressing that Egypt is a kiss to the success of any artist or media person seeking success.

It is noteworthy that the series “Fares Without Permissibility” was written by Fidaa Al-Shandawili and directed by Moataz Hussam, and starred by Mustafa Qamar, Tariq Abdel Aziz, Tariq Al-Ibyari, Muhammad Tharwat, and Suleiman Eid, along with a group of stars as guests of honor, including Salah Abdullah, Bayoumi Fouad, and from Celebrities Bushra, Dalia El-Beheiry, Heidi Karam, Wizzo, Hanadi Muhanna, and Aisha Othman.

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