Aiten Amer The audience’s interaction with “Covid 25” surprised me, Madam


The artist revealed Ayten Amer Expressing her happiness with the positive reactions to her role in the series (Covid 25) presented in the Egyptian series Ramadan 2021, noting that the series represents a strong addition to her artistic career.

Ayten Aamer
Ayten Amer from Covid 25 scenes (Screen shot of scenes in the series)

In a press release, “Madam Net” obtained a copy of it, Aiten Amer said that the audience’s reactions to the series surprised her and the comments on social media, especially after the series “Trend” was released since its episodes.

She indicated that she was attracted to work because of the dramatic treatment written in the events and the nature of the interesting events that made her feel free to agree to go through the experience, especially since the story is completely different from any experience she presented before.

Amer added that she is keen not to repeat herself in a specific type of role, noting that she tries in every artistic work in which she participates to change and renew her choices through the roles she appears to the public.

In the series, Ayen embodies the role of the journalist Nihal, the wife of the doctor Yassin Al-Masry, who is represented by Youssef Al-Sharif as a “YouTuber”, but he is separated from his wife and two sons after the death of his son due to a medical error he committed against him.

The events of the series revolve around a deadly virus that infects humans, and its symptoms are permanent repetition of speech, and it can be prevented by wearing medical glasses and protective face masks, as it is transmitted by looking directly into the eye.

The series stars Edward, Inas Kamel, Randa Al-Beheiry, Mohamed Adel, Amir Salah El-Din, Mirna Noureddine, Diana Hisham, Islam Gamal, Zaki Fateen Abdel-Wahab, and Emad Rashad, written by Engy Alaa, and directed by Ahmed Jalal.

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