Al-Ahly and production await the fate of the 2006 League title


Al-Ahly and Military Production clubs are awaiting the fate and method of resolving the 2006 born league, amidst the possibility of resolving the title winner by holding a draw after the two teams are equal in all matters.

A source in the Al-Ahly club said during Laila Koras statements, “We are awaiting the final position for the 2006 League champion.”

He continued, “Al-Ahly reached point No. 19 after winning against Al-Masry, 3-2, and production reached the same balance after achieving victory against Zamalek 2-1.”

According to the source, according to the conditions of the Republic’s youth and junior championships, in the event of equality in the number of points between any two teams, the result of their meeting in the last two matches, back and forth.

The result is decided according to the point difference in the group of the two matches, and it was not decided, as Al-Ahly won the first match 2-0, then production won in the second leg with the same result, which cancels everything in direct confrontations, whether the goal difference or points or who scored more goals.

The last paragraph of the second clause of the competition conditions states that in the event of equality in everything, a lot will be resorted to.

He added, “We are waiting for the position of the Football Association, whether a decisive match or something else, because the lottery system is difficult and cruel. I think that no person in the Football Association or outside it expected that everything would be equal in this way.”

“The Al-Ahly team, born in 2006, could decide matters,” he concluded. “It was ahead of Al-Masry until the last minutes 3-1, but the Port Said team scored a goal to end the match 3-2, to equalize the war production in everything.”


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