Al-Ahly closes the El Gouna file and begins preparing to face the Mahalla spinning


Al-Ahly’s technical staff closed the file of the El Gouna match yesterday in the league and began preparing for the match spinning the magazine scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, within the Premier League postponements, which is the match that Al-Ahly fights with the aim of winning to continue the victories, and the red giant is awaiting the fate of the match transfer, as news of security attempts to set up the match was reported In Cairo instead of Mahalla, and Al-Ahly announced its welcome to go to the meeting in any place approved by the security forces.

While a state of anger and resentment prevailed within Al-Ahly after the announcement of the premier league championship schedule until the end of the current season, officials of the Red Castle were astonished by the team’s compact league table, clearly.

Al-Ahly officials criticized the Football Association’s insistence on treating the club in this way and pressuring matches in this way, and stressed that the team is under severe exhaustion due to successive matches, and Al-Ahly officials explained that the team will play a match every three days for a period of two months, and this is a matter that greatly exhausts the team and exposes it to successive injuries. .


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