Al-Ahly Council is studying the escalation against the referee of the Ghazal Mahalla match


Al-Ahly club’s board of directors is discussing taking a tough stand against Mohamed Maarouf, the referee of the team’s match against Ghazl Al-Mahalla, which was held yesterday, Monday, in the 19th round of the Egyptian League, which Al-Ahly lost with a clean goal.

Over the current hours, the Board of Directors is discussing taking a decisive stance against the referee and escalating the Football Association officially, especially since the Al-Ahly Council believes that the club is subjected to arbitration “injustice” during the past matches, the last of which is a spinning match.

On the other hand, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, confirmed that his team was very bad in its match against Ghazl El-Mahalla, which ended with the peasants ’victory with a clean goal, saying:“ Simply put, we were very brutal, so that no one would bid us, and all the connections, subscriptions and the ball. The second one you couldn’t have for us. “

He said: “The Mahalla team presented an exemplary first half, and the second half dominated the match. We returned to the match in the second half, but we did not succeed in that, and we presented a bad match, especially in the first half.”

He added: “I said that this loss is normal because of pressure and there is no one in the world, regardless of his skills, that he will complete victories all the time, because of the physical condition, and we have no choice but to deal with reality, and we have two games that we have to close, to end the not-so-good stage and prepare for a new stage.”

And he continued: “Leah is a penalty kick and I spoke with Muhammad Maarouf, and he condemned him as if I was air, and I do not think there is a need to describe it .. and he is his conviction that it is not a penalty kick, and by saying to Captain Wajih Ahmed for the billionth time, you are retreating these statistics and is it a coincidence!” 17 matches, more trying on goal and shooting, and we took two penalties, and the one who scored them was Ibrahim Noureddine. “

And he added: “Muhammad Al-Sabahi has a big problem and has ruled on the mouse in 4 matches and has 6 wrong decisions for us, and I do not say you will answer him or not, but how do you answer him for a big match despite all these mistakes? .. But we were bad, especially in the first half, and what will they be like?” There are rewards in gain, there are discounts in loss. “

And he continued: “We need to close ourselves a little bit for the matches of Al-Ittihad and Zamalek, and there is a team for which 12 penalties were awarded, 5 of them the referee answered a mistake and claimed that they were wronged by referees, and I trust Mahmoud Al-Banna and the referee team in the summit match, and the four who were in the top team managed us. Our matches after the summit, is this a coincidence? “

He said: “Al-Sabahi ruled the opponent with 5 matches with 5 penalty kicks, and Amr Ramadan took two penalties and was expelled. There was no need, meaning slaughtering and skinning, and for the first time in 17 matches, the referee says it,” See the situation. “

He added: “The spirit of the Mahalla players was better than us, and we pay the physical fatigue tax, because this is normal, even if we were Hercules in the ball.”


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