Al-Ahly denies punishing Mohamed Sharif


An official source in Al-Ahly club denied that there was any decision related to punishing Mohamed Sharif, the Al-Ahly striker.

Some media outlets circulated a video of Mohamed Sharif’s presence with his friends in a closed cafe.

“Only Mohamed Sharif will be warned and the need to adhere to the precautionary measures,” the source said in his statements at Laila Kora.

“But in the end, he is a person who lives his normal life, but there is only obligation to be a player in a team the size of Al-Ahly.”

And he continued, “Muhammad Sharif was accompanied by some of his friends in one of the public places and ate the Suhoor meal, and he did not smoke the shisha at all, there was no transgression from the player.”

He stressed, “He will be warned only in order to adhere to the precautionary measures and the importance of protecting himself.”

He concluded, “Mohamed Sharif is a committed player with high ethics, and we in Al-Ahly do not deal in this way, and is it logical to prevent the player from practicing his normal life in a public place and with his friends and without any overtaking?”


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