Al-Ahly discusses a plan to include Mayhoub or Orabi for a seasonal apparatus


Al-Ahly club officials are considering including a new Egyptian member for the technical staff led by South African Pitso Musimane, in light of the lack of enough Egyptian elements in the technical staff, other than Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director and Sami, the coach’s shirts.

The desire of Al-Ahly officials to include a new element in the technical staff comes in order for the presence of an Egyptian element to help the technical staff and have a role in communication between the players and the rest of the members of the technical staff, in addition to the fact that the crisis of the arrival of a presentation from the South African team to Pitso Musimani and the possibility of his departure made the management in trouble over who He takes over the leadership of the team temporarily after his departure, especially since Sami shirts are inexperienced and it is difficult to control the large number of stars within the red team.

There is more than one former player candidate to join Al-Ahly’s technical staff, such as Osama Orabi, who leads the scene, and after him more than one name such as Alaa Mayhoub, Hani Ramzy and some other names from Al-Ahly’s sons.


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