Al-Ahly falls in front of Ghazl El-Mahalla with a goal and rejects the gift of leadership .. Video


Al-Ahly team continued the bad performances and trembling locally, after losing from Ghazl Al-Mahalla with a clean goal during the match that brought them together this evening, Monday, at Al-Mahalla Stadium, in the 19th round of the Premier League championship.

Al-Ghazal’s goal was scored by Ashraf Sayed in the 35th minute.

With this result, Al-Ahly’s balance freezes at 37 points and remains in second place, while Ghazl Mahallas balance rises to 27 points, and the eighth place rises.

Al-Ahly continues to bleed points, after drawing in the last round with a goal to the same, and he had lost three rounds against Smouha with a goal to two.

first half

The first half began with a clear activity on the part of Ghazl El Mahalla, who did not take time to “feel the pulse”, and played hard from the start, and tried to reach Mohamed El-Shenawi’s goal a lot.

Al-Ahly dealt well with the start of the “enthusiastic” camp, and imposed censorship on the keys of the play of the landowner, who controlled the course of affairs during the first 15 minutes approximately.

Then Al-Ahly appeared in the match gradually, and began to activate offensively through Afsha and Al-Shahat, and the latter hit more than one ball, but Al-Ghazal goalkeeper Amr Shaaban handled it well.

Once again Ghazal El Mahalla took over the midfield, and he succeeded in scoring a goal by Ashraf Sayed with a powerful shot that hit Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawi in the 35th minute.

Al-Ahly tried to return to the match, but to no avail; Because of the negativity that appeared in the performance of his players, the first half ended with the progression of spinning with a clean goal.

Second half

The beginning of the second half came, with Walid Suleiman and Mahmoud Wahid descending instead of Taher Mohamed Taher and Ahmed Ramadan Beckham.

Al-Ahly tried to take advantage of Walid Suleiman’s speed and Al-Ahmar dominated the first 15 minutes of the second half, but random play prevented this control from being translated into goals.

At a time when Al-Ahly captured the midfield, the counter-attacks posed a clear danger to spinning, and Hisham Adel almost scored another goal for the home owners, but he shot over the crossbar.

Then one of the spinning players hit a ball that fell from the hand of Muhammad Al-Shennawi, before a dangerous opportunity to spin was lost.

Musimani paid the Congolese Walter Bwalia instead of Amr Al-Soulia, and Bwalia received a yellow card for roughness.

Al-Ahly reached Al-Ghazl goal more than once, but the “final touch” prevented scoring in light of the brilliance of Al-Ghazal goalkeeper Amr Shaaban and amid the recklessness of Al-Ahly players.

In the last quarter of an hour, Mohamed Sharif came out and Marawan Mohsen participated in his place, then Salah Mohsen participated in place of Muhammad Hani, and Al-Ahly tried to score, but to no avail, and saved Afsha a goal that achieved the spin, after which the meeting ended with a deserved victory for the spinning and a loss due to Al-Ahly.


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