Al-Ahly in an official speech: We did not intend to complain about Sun Downs … and Musimani is loved by everyone


Al-Ahly club sent a letter this morning to the president of the South African Sun Downs club, confirming the good relationship and mutual respect between the two major clubs.

Al-Ahly expressed its appreciation for the apology made by Sun Downs for what Al-Ahly team and coach Pitso Mosimani had suffered before and during the two teams’ last match, which reflects the Sun Downs club’s keenness on sporting behavior.

Al-Ahly club indicated in its speech several points, the first of which is that it did not intend to take any action regarding what happened, out of respect and appreciation for the distinguished relationship between the two clubs.

The club also made it clear that the presence of Patrice Mozebi, former president of Sun Downs, at the helm of the Confederation of African Football, which is associated with Al-Ahly and its president, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, with a friendly relationship and respect since earlier, pushing Al-Ahly to overcome any problems or crises.

Al-Ahly affirmed that the CAF president enjoys support and support for all the steps he takes to develop African football and its various competitions.

As it was stated in the letter: “Al-Ahly club, with its great history, puts things into perspective, and will not give more space to what happened, especially as it is keen on the good relationship between Mamelodi Sun Downs and Betsu Musimani, whose presence Al-Ahly is proud of at the head of the technical team.”

He added: “The club did not wish that Musimani, his great successes with Al-Ahly and Sun Downs, as a son of them, would be subjected to these abuses, especially as he is a person who enjoys love and respect from football fans, whether in Egypt or in his country.”

Al-Ahly also affirmed its appreciation for the Sun Downs Club’s decision to conduct an investigation to question the cause of these abuse, which reflects its desire and Al-Ahly’s desire not to repeat such behavior that is completely far from the sporting spirit.


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