Al-Ahly loses Saad Samir in the Mahalla match, due to injury


It is almost certain that Saad Samir, Al-Ahly defender, will miss the team’s match against Ghazl El Mahalla tomorrow, Monday, in the league due to the injury he suffered during the El Gouna match in the league.

Saad Samir left the Al-Ahly and El-Gouna match, which was held on the first Friday in the league, which ended in a one-goal draw, and Yasser Ibrahim Al-returned from an injury replaced him.

Saad Samir complained of pain in the connective muscle, as a result of which he needs to go through a rehabilitation program for a period of three or four days at least in order to return to group training with the team.

Thus, Saad Samir will be absent from the match between Gul Mahalla, which will be held tomorrow in Mahalla, in the 19th round of the Premier League championship.

While it was confirmed that Saad Samir was absent from the Mahalla match, Moroccan Badr Baton is scheduled to return to the Al-Ahly list in the same match after having rested several matches due to the stress he suffered from during the past period.

In a related development, Betso Musimani, the coach of Al-Ahly team, is working to correct the repeated defensive mistakes in his team’s ranks, the last of which was the loss of two points in his match against El Gouna, which prevented him from winning and crawling towards recovering the summit that Zamalek is currently sitting on, as well as the scourge of wasting easy opportunities In front of the goal despite controlling the course of the match and reaching the goal many times.

AndMusimane dedicates Theoretical lectures and training sessions, in order to correct the mistakes made by the players of the back line in positioning on the field, and to deal with fixed balls in removing them or disrupting the opponents’ players to receive the ball comfortably, which results in threatening the goal of the red team.

Musimani is also working to correct the crisis of wasting easy opportunities in front of the goal, after the first half of the El Gouna match ensured the outcome of the match, but the poor implementation of the final touch delayed the achievement of the goal for the second half, and the subsequent decline in performance after that, and paid the price of recklessness from receiving a goal. Draw and forfeit a win.

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