Al-Ahly moves to kidnap the Moroccan star Raja


Moroccan press reports revealed that Al-Ahly Club has actually started moving to settle the contract with Sofiane Rahimi, the star of the Moroccan sports team, Raja, during the upcoming summer transfer period, to support the red team in the new season.

And according to the Moroccan “le360 sport” website, the Al-Ahly club has communicated during the past few days with the player’s agent, Sofiane Rahimi, the Moroccan star of Raja, to request a contract with the player next season, based on the desire of South Africa’s Pitso Musimani, the team’s coach, who gave the administration the green light to enter into negotiations to join The player.

The site added that Al-Ahly club officials are currently preparing to make an official offer to join “Rahimi” to support the team’s attack in the next season, after the level of attackers Marwan Mohsen and Walter Bwalya declined in the current period.

“Rahimi” is one of the promising players. He starred with the Moroccan national team in the African Nations Championship for locals, and won the award for the best player and scorer of the tournament, which made the management of Raja club renewing his contract with him for a period of 5 years in addition, in order to benefit financially from the deal if it was sold in the future after receiving it. Several offers from Egypt, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


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