Al-Ahly news today, Saturday 5/1/2021


Muhammad Sharif responded to Marawan Mohsen’s apology to him, following the statements of the father of the Al-Ahly attacker, in which he attacked Muhammad Sharif in defense of his son Marwan, and Sharif posted a picture through his personal account on Instagram that he collected with Marwan Mohsen and commented on it: I am my brother.

Al-Ahly striker, Marwan Mohsen, had apologized for the statements made by his father on Al-Shabab and Sports Radio, where he stressed that many are hunting mistakes for Marwan Mohsen, especially since Mohamed Sharif, Al-Ahly striker, did not present anything in the last Donna match, which ended in a positive tie with a similar goal. .

Marwan Mohsen wrote through his personal Instagram account: I had no idea what my father said and I was surprised by it today, Mohamed Sharif is one of the best attackers in Egypt now and my testimony in him is wounded. I apologize to him and apologize to all my colleagues for any word issued by my father.

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