Al-Ahly pays the price of recklessness and tied against El-Gouna 1/1 in the league


Al-Ahly paid the price for the recklessness with which its players appeared during the El Gouna match and tied with a goal during the match that brought them together this evening, Friday, at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam stadium, in the postponed match of the 16th round of the Premier League championship.

Taher Mohamed Taher advanced to Al-Ahly, then Mohamed Naguib tied for El Gouna, and Al-Ahly raised its score to 37 points and remains in second place, and El-Gouna raised its score to 25 points and ranks ninth.

Al-Ahly played the match with a formation consisting of:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed El-Shennawi.

Defense line: Ahmed Ramadan Beckham – Rami Rabiaa – Saad Samir – Ahmed Nabil Kouka.

Midfield: Aliou Diang – Akram Tawfiq – Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba – Hussein Al Shahat – Nasser Maher.

Offensive line: Mohamed Sharif.

While the formation of El Gouna included:

Goalkeeper: Islam Tariq.

Defense line: Jonathan Anjouem, Mohamed Naguib, Louai Wael, Mahmoud El-Jazzar.

Midfielders: Serge Aka, Nour El-Sayed, Ahmed Amer, Mohamed Habib.

Offensive line: Idris Mbomba and El Shabrawi.

first half

An enthusiastic start on the part of Al-Ahly, who pressed early on the opponent’s goal, and Al-Ahly tried to exploit the speeds of Kahraba, Muhammad Sharif, Nasser Maher, and when Shahat.

On the other hand, El-Gouna relied on the counter-attack that Al-Ahly defense and Al-Ahmar goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawi dealt well, and the Al-Ahlawi attack lacked the risk and ended the attack well, so its players failed to score goals despite complete control over the course of affairs.

The counter-attack of El-Gouna began to gradually increase in danger, and Al-Ahly made an urgent change by the descent of Yasser Ibrahim instead of Saad Samir, who was injured, and the last minutes of the first half witnessed Al-Ahly’s offensive attempts to score, but to no avail, to end this game with a goalless draw.

Second half

The second half started with a double change in Al-Ahly, where Muhammad Magdi Afsha participated in place of Nasser Maher, and Taher Muhammad Taher participated instead of Kahraba, And contributed to the descent of Afsha and Taher in increasing the offensive strength of Al-Ahly.

Taher Mohamed Taher scored the first goal of the red giant against El Gouna in the 57th minute, with a missile shot from the corner of Islam Tariq, El Gounas goalkeeper. Al-Ahly continued to dominate, and fired a missile ball that was countered by the post and saved the El-Gouna goal from an investigative goal.

The Al-Ahlawi attack continued and continued wasting opportunities through Afsha and Taher Muhammad Taher and Musimani pushed Muhammad Hani instead of Hussein al-Shahat, and Salah Mohsen participated in place of Muhammad Sharif.

Al-Ahly tried to score a goal of reinforcement as El-Gouna tried to equalize, and El-Gouna succeeded in scoring the equalizer through Mohamed Naguib in the 86th minute, and Al-Ahly tried to score a second goal, but to no avail, to end the match with a 1-1 draw.

The second round, Al-Ahly and El-Gouna (1)
The second round, Al-Ahly and El-Gouna (2)
The second round, Al-Ahly and El-Gouna (3)
The second round, Al-Ahly and El-Gouna (4)
The second round, Al-Ahly and El-Gouna (5)
The second round, Al-Ahly and El-Gouna (6)
The second round, Al-Ahly and El-Gouna (7)
The second round, Al-Ahly and El-Gouna (8)


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