Al-Ahly players are out of control … staying up late, indiscipline, and violating precautionary measures


The level of the Al-Ahly club has decreased significantly during the recent period, which ignited the fuse of the public anger, especially after the red team refused more than one gift after its traditional rival, Zamalek Club, faltered in several matches, to reach the top of the league, so the red team remains so far in second place and since last January .

Losing the spirit of the red shirt was the most angered factor, especially in the last match against Ghazl El Mahalla, during which the team did not reach the goal of the peasant leader, and did not replace the goal that housed his nets in the first half of the match, to lose three valuable points that were within reach.

It seems that the decline in the level was a natural reflection of some of the team’s stars getting out of control during the recent period, which clearly affected, especially, Kahraba, Mohamed Sharif and Salah Mohsen.


Although he was one of the stars of Egyptian football in a period of time as he was one of the distinguished players in the first national team, but he is no longer like that since he moved to Al-Ahly in January before last and his electrification did not perform well, and the player caused many crises in a short period without justification. Delayed by his lack of discipline in talking with the coach of the team to receive a suspension for a month that affected his appearance in a lackluster level after his return.

Mohammed Sherif

Before the Al-Ahly match and Ghazl El-Mahalla, the pioneers of social networking circulated a video of Mohamed Sherif, Al-Ahly striker, who was in a cafe with his friends, including “hookah”, which raised a state of controversy and question marks among the fans of the team. Mahalla, despite the high hopes that the fans place on the Red Fort scorer.

صلاح محسن

The pioneers of social networking sites posted a video لصلاح محسن Al-Ahly striker, while he was in the team’s camp to face Al-Merrikh, Sudan, in the group stage in the African Champions League, the match that ended in a 2/2 draw.

The pioneers of the social networking site “Twitter” were keen to publish a video of Salah Mohsen, who is on the houseHe exchanged conversations with some friends in the late hours, hours before the Al-Merrikh match in Sudan.

Salah Mohsen joined Al-Ahly club from the ranks of Enppi in the winter transfer season in 2018, where his deal was accompanied by a huge uproar as it was the most expensive in that season after it reached 38 million pounds, and although the player got a lot of opportunities, he did not provide the expected performance, so he went out on loan and then He returned again, but did not provide the required response from the fans, and this season, Salah Mohsen scored a single goal during his participation in 14 matches and made one goal.


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