Al-Ahly’s planning committee “is questioning” Musimane after losing 7 points in the league


The planning committee for the ball in the Al-Ahly club, headed by Mohsen Saleh, intends to hold a special session with Betso Musimani, the technical director of Al-Ahly, during the next few days, in order to discuss several issues related to the team, the foremost of which is to know the reasons for the decline in Al-Ahly’s results.

The committee wants to speak with the technical director in several cases related to the football team, especially since the results during the last period are very bad, the last of which was the fall in front of Ghazl El Mahalla yesterday in the league.

Although the planning committee in Al-Ahly does not interfere with the work of the technical director and gives him full powers and full support, the recent results of the team locally made the committee settle for holding a session with Musimani in order to identify from him the reasons for the retreat and to know the problems facing the team and work to solve them.

The committee wants to provide all means of support and stability for the team during the coming period, especially since Al-Ahly is preparing for fateful confrontations this month, most notably Zamalek in the League on May 10 and Sun Downs in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League on 14 or 15 and 21 or 22 May, and the rise of the Moroccan volcano on May 10. African Super on May 28.

The Planning Committee believes that Al-Ahly lost many points in matches that he could have won had he played his way, and if they were technically managed, better than that, as he lost from Smouha and Mahalla and tied with El-Gouna.


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