Al-Azhar exposes Zionist plans against Jerusalem: Britain has the right to demand America according to Jewish logic


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On Wednesday evening, the official Facebook page of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif reviewed one of its campaigns to “expose the brutal Zionist schemes against Jerusalem and the Occupied Palestinian Territory”, through the presentation of a book that proves the historical entitlement of the Palestinians to their lands and refutes the Zionist claims.

Since last Wednesday, the Al-Azhar Media Center has launched an educational and documentary campaign, under the title “Jerusalem between Arab Rights and Zionist Claims,” which its platform broadcasts in both Arabic and English, with the aim of exposing the brutal Zionist designs against Jerusalem and the land of Palestine.

In this context, the official page of Al-Azhar presented an Arabic author by Dr. Ismail Ahmad Yaghi, entitled: “The Historical Roots of the Palestinian Cause”.

The author deals with the Zionist claims that the Children of Israel existed earlier than the Arabs on Zionist lands, denying the Zionist claims that the Arabs came to Palestine with the Islamic conquest.

The writer relied on a number of documented historical facts, in addition to biblical sayings that refute Zionist claims, pointing to the consensus of most historians that the ancient inhabitants of Palestine descended from the Canaanite tribes that came out from the Arabian Peninsula and settled in Palestine since the dawn of history at about (3-4) Thousands of years BC and at that time it was called the Land of Canaan.

In this regard, the author transmitted a number of testimonies of leading Western historians, which proves that Palestine from ten thousand years BC until today is an Arab land inhabited by the Arabs since their departure from the Arabian Peninsula, and that they have resided in it in a steady, continuous and continuous way to this day, The Muslim Arabs who conquered and liberated it were the origins of branches, or offshoots, of the Arabs who inhabited it since the dawn of time. This refutes the claims of the Jews that Palestine historically is not the land of the Arabs, but that the Muslims raped it from its owners, and that it was one day the Hebrews or the Jews.

On the Zionist colonial claims that claim the right of “children of Israel” in Palestine; Under the pretext that they settled on an area of ​​about 70 years of the history of Palestine that exceeds 6 thousand years, the author replies by saying: “If the Jews were entitled to claim their historical right in Palestine on the pretext that they established a state on a part of it during the reign of David and Solomon – peace be upon them – seventy continued Year. So why is it not entitled, in light of this logic, to claim Palestine after they ruled it for 200 years, as well as Greece and they ruled it for 300 years, and the Romans and they ruled it for 700 years? In light of this logic, Britain has the right to claim America, and Italy has the right to claim Britain, and thus the world will be turned upside down for the sake of a frivolous Zionist-Jewish logic.

The book consists of a number of topics, the most prominent of which are: the importance of Palestine, Arabism of Palestine in history, the position of Palestine in Islam, the Jewish problem, Zionism and colonialism, British colonialism and the national homeland of the Jews, Palestine under the British mandate, the Palestinian national movement, British mandate policy and its objectives, the story of Palestine before The United Nations, the establishment of the state of the Zionist entity and the start of the Arab-Israeli conflict, dimensions of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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