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Zamalek drew 1-1 with Pyramids in the match that was held today, Sunday, in the 19th round of the Egyptian We League at Cairo International Stadium.

Zamalek raised its score to 41 points in first place in the ranking table, and Pyramids’ balance became 31 points in third place.

Match events

The meeting began with an open match between the two teams, and Zamalek managed to threaten the Pyramids goal in the third minute of the match, through a fixed ball from outside the penalty area, which was executed by Ferjani Sassi, but it came next to the left post.

Pyramids responded in the 7th minute of the match through Ramadan Sobhi, who got a ball from John Antwi and shot it strong, but Mahmoud Alaa turned it to a corner.

And the danger of Pyramids continued in the 7th minute of the match, after the visitors played the corner and went to Antwi, who hit the floor with one touch and went out for a corner.

Zamalek was able, after the first minutes, which witnessed great control by Pyramids, to seize the ball in the second quarter of the hour of the first half, but the final touch remained far from Sherif Ikrami’s goal.

The owners of the land returned to threaten the visitors’ goal in the 35th minute of the match, after Zizou played a long ball behind the defense, which was received by Al-Winch with a direct shot, but next to the post.

Abdullah Al-Saeed advanced in favor of Pyramids in the 39th minute of the match, after an attack that started from a defensive mistake, to extract the ball, Ramadan Sobhi, and played it to Eric Traore in the penalty area, which he gave to the captain of the team to dodge the winch in a wonderful way and hit a left ball that Awad could not deal with.

Carteron started the second half with a first substitution, where Mahmoud Abdel-Razek “Shikabala” participated, instead of Youssef “Obama”, in the team’s attack.

Zamalek made a mistake again at the defensive level in the 47th minute of the match, so the ball went to Antwi and created a corner for shooting, but his ball came higher than the crossbar.

Zamalek came very close to scoring in the 53rd minute of the match, after Shikabala played a great ball to Hamid Haddad, who shot a ball that passed next to the post, and then the Zamalek attack continued with a ball from Ashraf Bencharki’s side that passed next to the post as well.

Zamalek’s pressure continued on Pyramids’ defenses in the second half, while the guest relied on the counter-attack weapon, hoping to exploit the speed of Eric Traore.

Zamalek players demanded that a penalty kick be awarded to Sahel Ashraf Bencharki in the 62nd minute due to Sherif Ekrami’s obstruction, but Jihad Greisha refused to count it, and the video assistant referee supported his decision.

Aruabarina, the technical director of Pyramids, made the first switch of the team with the participation of Omar Jaber instead of Ahmed Tawfik in the 66th minute.

Ahmed Syed “Zizou” wasted a ball and the goal was empty in the 67th minute after Shikabala extracted the ball from Dunga and played it for his teammate and the goal was empty, but the ground split from Dunga again to keep Zizou’s shot back into a corner.

The ball continued to oppose Zamalek in the 72nd minute after a purely Moroccan attack, which Bencharki passed it to Haddad, who hit it, but Sheriff Ikrami confronted it.

Mahmoud Hamadeh participated in the middle of the Pyramids Stadium in the 76th minute instead of striker John Antwi, and on the other side Sayed El Din Al Jaziri and Hazem Imam participated in favor of Zamalek instead of Zizou and Mathlouthi.

Again, luck stopped to fight Zamalek with full force after a fixed kick in the 85th minute. Mahmoud Alaa received a header that hit the crossbar and went down the goal line, then went to Bencharki to knock it higher than the crossbar.

Jihad Greisha returned to review the video in the 90th minute to award a penalty kick to Pyramids defender Ahmed Sami for having a handball.

Ashraf Bencharki scored for Zamalek in the 90 + 3 minute after he calmly dealt with the ball and settled it next to the right post, but Jihad Greisha decided to return it because Zamalek elements entered the penalty area before implementation, before the Moroccan scored it again in the same way.

The match ended with the two teams drawing one goal each, after a thrilling 90 minutes that witnessed many attacks on the two goals.

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