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Visitors to Yallakora watched with us the Zamalek match against Pyramids, which will be held today, Sunday, in the 19th round of the Egyptian We League at Cairo International Stadium.

Zamalek tops the table with 40 points, while Pyramids has 30 points and ranks third in the ranking table.

Match events

The meeting began with an open match between the two teams, and Zamalek managed to threaten the Pyramids goal in the third minute of the match, through a fixed ball from outside the penalty area, which was executed by Ferjani Sassi, but it came next to the left post.

Pyramids responded in the 7th minute of the match through Ramadan Sobhi, who got a ball from John Antwi and shot it strong, but Mahmoud Alaa turned it to a corner.

And the danger of Pyramids continued in the 7th minute of the match, after the visitors played the corner and went to Antwi, who hit the floor with one touch and went out for a corner.

Zamalek was able, after the first minutes, which witnessed great control by Pyramids, to seize the ball in the second quarter of the hour of the first half, but the final touch remained far from Sherif Ikrami’s goal.

The owners of the land returned to threaten the visitors’ goal in the 35th minute of the match, after Zizou played a long ball behind the defense, which was received by Al-Winch with a direct shot, but next to the post.

Abdullah Al-Saeed advanced in favor of Pyramids in the 39th minute of the match, after an attack that started from a defensive mistake, to extract the ball, Ramadan Sobhi, and played it to Eric Traore in the penalty area, which he gave to the captain of the team to dodge the winch in a wonderful way and hit a left ball that Awad could not deal with.

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