Al-Ghandour criticizes Al-Ahly and compares it to Zamalek’s strange position and the ambiguity of the fate of Al-Ahly’s most important deals –


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In his permanent comparisons with Al-Ahly club, he put the red team in a useful sentence, in an attempt to show that Zamalek Club is one of the most oppressed clubs in the history of the Egyptian League.

Khaled Al-Ghandour, a media figure of a strong affiliation with the White Castle, published his post on the social networking site “Facebook”, stressing that the Football Association imposes double standards in dealing with Al-Ahly and Zamalek regarding continental tournaments.

Al-Ghandour added: “Ahmed Mujahid postponed Al-Ahly matches because of Africa, and for the past season, I took 6 points, and Al-Ahly refused to postpone .. Good morning.”

Al-Ahly club suffers from severe pressure in postponed matches, as it plays a match every two days, which has not happened in the history of the Egyptian League or other clubs, while the players suffer from many complications of physical exhaustion to continue matches, especially stress.

Zamalek club faces a strong confrontation against Pyramids today at half past nine in the evening, while Al-Ahly club hits a date with Ghazl El-Mahalla tomorrow at exactly nine thirty as well.

On the other hand, Mohamed Tawila, president of Future Stars Club, confirmed that Al-Ahly has not yet officially requested the purchase of Karim Fouad, the team’s loan player, to Enppi.

Al-Tawila added in radio statements that Enppi has the right to activate the player’s purchase contract until the end of this month, and that if this happens, the player will not be entitled to move to the ranks of Al-Ahly Club.

Fouad adhered in previous statements to being in the ranks of the Al-Ahly club, and working to win the local and continental championships with the shirt of the Horn of Africa champion, and to reach the best positions with the red team.

The Future Stars player refused all news and reports linking him to being in the ranks of any other team far from Al-Ahly club, as he aspires to be present with the combination of players currently present to compete for the right-back position and prove his worth in front of everyone.

South African coach Pitso Musimani, coach of Al-Ahly club, expressed his conviction in the level of the player at the physical and technical level, to give the green light, accompanied by the Planning Committee, to contracting with Fouad after Enppi wanted not to activate the purchase clause, given that the financial compensation is not available to the management of the petroleum team.

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