Al-Hadari for “The Seventh Day”: My team’s ambition was waiting for Amer Amer, Egypt’s first goalkeeper


The legend Essam El-Hadary, the goalkeeper coach for the first football team at Ceramica Club, revealed his ambition in the coming period, stressing that his goal is to assume the task of training the national team guards, especially since this step is a dream that he hopes will come true.

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“the seventh day”

Amer Amer, a Ceramica goalkeeper, has been providing great levels since the beginning of the season, defending the team’s goal valiantly, and is considered one of the most important Egyptian league goalkeepers and one of the best goalkeepers in Egyptian football at all in the current period.

The High Dam confirmed that the Ceramica team has a wonderful group of young guards who are being dealt with and preparing for the next stage, by playing friendly matches to find out their level and give them instructions and warn them of making mistakes.

And the High Dam explained that goalkeepers Ceramica They have insistence on implementing the instructions carefully during training until they reach the highest form, along with their commitment to the physical side, pointing out that the team includes three guards, all of whom are able to defend the lair of Ceramica.

Al-Hadari praised the level of the three guards, saying: They have good technical capabilities and we are keen to equip them for matches in an appropriate manner. In the interest of the team at the current stage, he addressed a message to the fans, saying: “Wait for Amer Amer, Egypt’s first goalkeeper.”

Al-Hadary expressed his happiness with the step of joining the Ceramica Club, stressing that he did not hesitate to accept the mission, as soon as it was presented to him by Diaa Al-Sayed, and listened carefully to the project presented by Ceramica officials.

Al-Hadary explained that Ceramica was able to be classified among the big teams, despite the newness of the team in the Premier League, indicating that the professionalism of the administration of Ceramica helped to provide all means of success, to provide a good level during the first appearance of the team in the Premier League.


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