Al-Hadidi calls for the cafes to close at the end of Ramadan and Eid: “I will not watch every coffee in Egypt.”


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Lamees Al-Hadidi commented on the Sham El-Nessim celebrations, which will take place on Monday, May 3.

“The government announced the closure of all parks, public parks and beaches in anticipation of overcrowding, and as part of the precautionary measures to confront the outbreak of the Coronavirus,” Al-Hadidi said in her program “A Last Word” on the “Extra News” channel during the month of Ramadan.

She continued: “There is no zoo, no charitable aqueducts and Orman gardens, nor anything else in all governorates, neither before breakfast nor after breakfast, all closed, thinking, but the Egyptians are the best way to forget and take breakfast and go to the gardens, we are now witnessing increases in Corona injuries that have broken the thousand barrier An official daily injury, and if we talk about the real injuries, they will remain much more because the official, as we do not know, includes those who went to health facilities and conducted the examination ».

Al-Hadidi continued: “We have about 5 times as many injuries in the third wave compared to the same period last year in the same period. We hear every day about deaths and critical injuries for people we all know, and this is a shared responsibility between the state and the people. And receive the vaccine ».

The media demanded that cafes be closed during the remaining ten days of the blessed month of Ramadan, especially in the governorates that witness the highest rates of injuries. Egypt”.

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