“Al-Health” on eating feseekh: The method of preparing it helps the growth of bacteria that secrete deadly toxins


The Ministry of Health and Population warned against eating fesikh, saying: It is dangerous to the health of citizens, due to the method of preparing it, which helps the growth of a type of bacteria that secretes deadly toxins that may cause severe harm to those who eat it, explaining that many suffer from food poisoning after eating a fish meal FesikhIt also weakens the human immune system.

The Ministry of Health and Population directed a number of advice and instructions to citizens during the Spring Festival and tattoo the breeze in conjunction with the state’s measures to address the emerging corona virus, stressing the importance of adhering to preventive and precautionary measures, the most important of which is wearing the muzzle, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, and being in well-ventilated places, in addition to The need to reduce home visits and family gatherings in order to preserve the health of all family members, to prevent corona infection.

She added that the community communication teams were deployed this Sunday morning in 4 governorates (Cairo, Giza, Qalyubia, Qena) as part of the continuous intensification of health awareness and education campaigns for citizens in the various governorates nationwide, to increase awareness of the precautionary and preventive measures for the Coronavirus in conjunction with holidays and events. Religious.

It is noteworthy that the “botulinum” serum for food poisoning cases, especially resulting from the poisoning of Al-Fesikh, was available to citizens free of charge in the Ministry’s hospitals, and when feeling any pathological symptoms such as (dry throat – difficulty swallowing – double vision – shortness of breath) must be directed as quickly as possible to the nearest A hospital or poison center) to receive the necessary treatment and care.


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