Al-Masry Al-Youm is unique in publishing the new structure of the United Media


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Al-Masry Al-Youm is unique in publishing the new structure of the United Media Services Company, Hassan Abdullah as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hossam Saleh as CEO, Saadi in charge of the Drama Company, Ahmed Badawy, General Manager of the Cinema Company, Kamel Abu Ali, Technical Advisor, Tamer Morsi, Technical Advisor, Mahmoud Muslim TV stations, and Khaled Salah for the Holding Company for Newspapers.

Journalist Amr Adib revealed the United Company for Media Servicess conference that will be held tomorrow, Saturday, saying: “tomorrow at a press conference for the United Company to lay out many facts … and I will tell you a little information .. Most of the institutions bought by the state were not making profits, and many of them had losses. .. And the state began to buy and began to adjust some needs in the entertainment and media market in Egypt.. And the state said that there should be a message to the media, and it was in a period of attack on the country, and it was concerned that there should be strong media and drama would have a message.. The work actually began and, of course, during This act occurred as a kind of monopoly, and that the state then had most of the stations and the state was devoted to controlling the entity and having a clear message, and leaving the Egyptian media to trade, and this was the state’s view.”

He added, during his program Al-Hekaya, broadcast on MBC Egypt: “The years have passed and there is a complaint that one party produces, and the years have passed and it has been able to make a complete structure for all stations, whether television stations, newspapers, large websites and a large media empire, and then the state decided that it was time after the season. The past is a huge production commensurate with Egypt’s soft power, and it played an important national role and business, social and humanitarian messages, and it is time to open the field, and that from tomorrow the field will be open for everyone to work, and there will not be a single company that produces, and Egypt is full of talents, and I also knew this step, together with it coordination With a number of professional unions, and there is a strong desire to open the Egyptian drama and media market, and it will not be limited to production, but about ownership, and the huge company will be listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and owned by Egyptians.”

Adeeb continued: “The company was able to make profits, and the role of the state’s media is to coordinate with the people who produce .. and the orientation is now being worked on in a specific mathematical way, so that the Egyptian stock market enters and whoever wants to buy it, and there is cooperation from parties from inside and outside, and the purpose is that countries She has a message, and if he comes to help me, I am with you, and the field is open to everyone.. There is an openness that we will see how it is implemented, and there is a name for a financially economic figure, Mr. Hassan Abdullah, who will be based on this entity.. And a man if he takes a position will succeed in it, and no one is isolated and no one is marginalized. …and unions have a great role in supporting and supporting their members.”

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