Al-Muhammadi: Al-Badri must seek the help of those with expertise


Ahmed Al-Muhammadi, player of Aston Villa and the Egyptian national team, sent several messages related to his professional career in England, as well as the career of Arab players and his future with the national team.

Al-Mohammadi gave a long interview on “ben sports news”, through which he talked about his professional career, saying: “I am satisfied with my 11-year career, seven seasons in Premier League and four in Championship, and I have three or four remaining to complete 200 matches in Premier League and this is for me.” I will be the first Egyptian player to reach this figure, proud of this achievement and satisfied with my career. ”

And about his best memories during his professional career, he explained: “I always remember him in my great career against the big teams, this season I have a wonderful memory of my participation in the Liverpool match, even if only a few, but we managed to win 7-2.”

Al-Muhammadi praised his former coach Steve Bruce, describing him as a “spiritual father”, saying: “This season has witnessed improvement in some elements of the team other than the new deals, and we started the season in a strong way and this gave us comfort, and we have difficult matches in the coming period and we want to end the season among the top 10 positions. “.

Another topic that Al-Mohammadi touched upon, and here we talk about professional players in the English Premier League, Laird: “Mohamed Salah, the last four or five seasons, made a great leap in Liverpool and won the English Premier League and the Champions League, as well as Riyad Mahrez, who won the Premier League and is just steps away from the Champions League final Hakim Ziyech is in his first season with Chelsea. ”

Regarding the Egyptian national team, Al-Mohammadi said during his statements: “I have been participating with the Egyptian national team for a long time, and I was able to get the 2008 and 2010 African championships, and I had myself being in the World Cup and participating with the national team, but the next stage is difficult, whether the African championship or the World Cup qualifiers. The world in Qatar. ”

And he continued: “The last African Championship we went out with a goal, although our goal conceded one goal in the group stage.”

And he continued: “What I heard in the media is that Hossam Al-Badri has decided to go down with the average age in the Egyptian national team list, but the coming period, the national team needs expertise, and I am available at any time and I hope to be present and participate.”

Al-Muhammadi also stated about the Arab Cup draw, which will be held in Qatar, where he addressed during his talk about the Egyptian team’s confrontation against Algeria: “The Egyptian confrontations against Algeria are considered among the exciting confrontations for the masses despite the absence of professionals, the last match for Lina in the 2010 African Nations Championship and participated in this match and we won With four goals without responding. ”

Al-Mohammadi ended his interview about the Egyptian Olympic team, which is led by coach Shawky Gharib: “The Egyptian team in the Olympics always falls into difficult groups, and we, along with Shawky Gharib, won the place in the World Youth Cup. Mohamed Salah’s presence will be an addition to the Olympic team.”

It is worth noting that the Olympiad draw resulted in the presence of the Egyptian national team with the trio Argentina, Spain and finally Australia, where the global event is scheduled to start next summer in Tokyo.


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