Al-Rai: arresting a trespasser by filling in the Nile River during breakfast, and referring him to the military prosecutor


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The Nile Protection Services monitored a blatant case of encroachment on the Nile River in Ezbet Abu Ghanem between the villages of Kafr El Tawila and Dast at the beginning of 1977 on the left mainland of the Damietta branch in Talkha district in Dakahlia Governorate, where during breakfast one of the trespassers buried the Nile riverbed with remnants of broken red bricks and covered the backfill with a layer of soil The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation agencies monitored the violation, which was monitored by the technical bodies within the framework of the periodic and continuous follow-up to confront all forms of encroachment on the Nile River and kill it in its infancy.

In light of the investigations and reports that were sent to the Ministry’s apparatus. And under the directives of Dr. Mohamed Abdel Ati, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, on Saturday evening, May 1, 2021, and in coordination between the concerned ministry’s agencies and the security agencies, the necessary legal measures were taken and the violator was obliged to bring a “loader” and remove all the backfill waste in the sewer at his expense. In full, and the necessary measures are being taken to submit to the Military Prosecution office to take legal measures and implement its affairs.

Dr. Abdel Aty said that the ministry has prepared its past with unrelenting determination in dealing with all forms of encroachment on the Nile River, explaining that the immediate and strict action taken by the Ministry’s bodies is a message to everyone who is begging him to take any breach on the Nile River.

Abdel Atti added, in a press statement on Sunday, that the ministry continues, with all its apparatus, to address all forms of encroachment on the Nile, canals and banks in coordination with the various state agencies, and to take all necessary legal measures to preserve waterways from encroachments and pollution, in order to preserve waterways and ensure good Managing, operating and maintaining the water system, improving the services provided to the masses of beneficiaries, and protecting state property on waterways.

Abdel-Aty explained that the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation is a series of campaigns to remove encroachments on the Nile, the last of which is Directive No. 17, which began on 3/20/2021, and the second phase of it is being implemented now. 570449 square meters, and those demolitions varied between buildings made of concrete and white bricks, fences, nests, backfill works, and the like.

An official report of the Ministry of Irrigation revealed that the total number of irregularities that have been removed on the Nile River so far have reached 6,1551, under the umbrella of the “Save the Nile Campaign.” Which aims to confront and eliminate all forms of encroachment on the Nile River, as it is the main source of water in Egypt, and that any encroachment on the Nile River negatively affects the delivery of water to millions of citizens.

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