Al-Sisi directed the provision of a taxi powered by natural gas for “factor A.”


11:10 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021


President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi directed the provision of a taxi powered by natural gas as part of the President’s gift initiative, to Islam Omar, the delivery worker, with whom the President met during his inspection of the construction works to develop a number of roads, axes and bridges in East Cairo.

President El-Sisi stopped during the tour to speak with an Egyptian family that was riding a motorcycle that happened to be there while he was passing, as he congratulated them on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, and listened to their living conditions. Where the young man works in the profession of “delivery” and lives in the “four and half” area, and the president stressed the need for them to adhere to safety measures in order to ensure their safety.

The president’s tour included inspecting the development works in the vicinity of Cairo International Airport through Abdel Hamid Badawy Street and its intersection with the Autostrad Road, and extending to the Nasr City district, which includes expanding those axes to 6 traffic lanes in each direction, as well as establishing a number of bridges to facilitate traffic movement. And the expansion and upgrading of the internal roads of the surrounding residential neighborhoods to integrate with the overall development of the road network in the area.

The president also inspected the network of bridges and the new main axes that were implemented in the Nasr City district, including the Saeqa Bridge and the Nasr Road Bridge near Al-Ahly Club, which ended the congestion and congestion that the neighborhood was suffering from and achieved the required traffic flow, by integrating with a series of other new axes and bridges in Districts and neighborhoods in East Cairo.

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