All you need to know about the crisis of the Al-Ahly matches against the Tigris and Ceramica during the Olympics


The match pressure crisis is one of the most important problems facing the Al-Ahly team during the current period, so officials of the Red Castle demanded that the Tigris and Ceramica Valley matches be deported in the league to be held during the Olympics, which is what the Football Association is currently studying, and we monitor in the next report everything related to this crisis.

Q: How does Al-Ahly see the squeeze of matches in the league?

A: The technical staff of Al-Ahly complained about the pressure of the matches, which caused the team players to become exhausted and exhausted.

Q: Has Al-Ahly taken any official step to confront the match pressure crisis?

A: Yes .. Al-Ahly sent yesterday an official letter to the Football Association requesting the transfer of the Tigris Valley and Ceramica matches in the 22nd and 23rd rounds, to be held during the Olympic Games competitions.

Q: What about the position of the Football Association regarding Al-Ahly’s request?

A: There was no official comment from the Football Association about Al-Ahly’s request, although the Jabaliya officials had previously declared their welcome to this proposal on the condition that Al-Ahly play the Ceramica and Tigris matches without its players in the Olympic team.

Q: Does Al-Ahly play these two matches without the Olympic team players?

A: According to the letter sent by Al-Ahly to the Football Association yesterday, the club does not mind playing these two matches without its players in the Olympic team.

Q: Who are the likely players to miss Al-Ahly in front of the Tigris and Ceramica?

A: Although the issue of choosing players in the national teams is not fixed and varies according to the level of the players, there are six Al-Ahly players who have been with the Olympic team in the past period almost continuously, and they are Akram Tawfiq, Nasser Maher, Taher Muhammad Taher, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Salah Mohsen and Mustafa Schubert, besides Over-age players nominated by Al-Ahly to be with the Olympic team in the Tokyo Olympics, including Mohamed El-Shennawy, Ayman Ashraf, Qafsha, and Amr Al-Soliya, where the Olympic team will choose three players over age to participate in the Olympic Games.


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