Amazon forests are unable to help the planet absorb carbon emissions


In a dangerous scientific revelation, researchers in the journal “Nature Climat Chang” concluded that the largest Amazon forests in the world are no longer able to help the planet in the process of absorbing carbon emissions. Not only that, but a report by the magazine revealed that, over the past decade, they have become forests. Amazon emits twenty percent more carbon dioxide than it can absorb.

According to estimates, from 2010 to 2019, the Amazon forests in Brazil released 6.16 billion tons of carbon dioxide, while they were only able to reduce 9.13 billion tons of emissions.

The study also revealed that deforestation operations, whether through fire or logging, increased by four times in 2019 compared to the previous two years, increasing from about one million hectares to 3.9 million hectares, an area equivalent to the size of the Netherlands.

The study attributed the high percentage of emissions to the deterioration of forests, which in turn lead to three times more emissions than completely destroyed forests.

Researchers confirmed that Brazil has witnessed a sharp decline in the application of environmental protection policies, after the change of government under President Jair Bolsonaro, which raises concerns about the Amazon Basin, which contains half of the world’s tropical rain forests, which is the most effective in absorbing and storing carbon at the level of Forests.

But according to the study, the Earth’s lungs have become a major source of carbon dioxide emissions rather than absorbing it. This will aggravate the climate change crisis.


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