Ambassadors of Europe and Japan comment on Egypt’s receipt of the Corona AstraZeneca vaccine from Kovacs (details)


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Ambassador Dr. Cyril Jean Nunn, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Egypt, said in a statement to the World Health Organization on the occasion of Egypt’s receipt of the second batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine from Kovacs: “I am pleased to see the arrival of another shipment of vaccines provided by Kovacs to Egypt, which indicates that Our multilateral and continuous commitment to fighting this epidemic is bearing fruit and inspiring hope, as every person who is vaccinated brings us closer to a return to normal life. ”

“The multilateral path of cooperation and solidarity is the correct response to this global challenge, and we must not fail in our joint efforts until safety is achieved and safety is achieved for all,” added Cyril.

Geoffrey Adams, the British ambassador to Egypt, expressed his happiness at the arrival of the second shipment of vaccines to Egypt, saying: “I am pleased to see the Kovacs program and plan continue its achievements in delivering vaccines, and this second shipment, which amounts to 1.77 million doses, will come after a month has passed. Only one on the arrival of the first shipment, helping the people here in Egypt who need it most, from the medical staff who are at the front line, those from the most vulnerable groups, and the elderly. This vaccine will save many lives. All of us must join forces to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a responsibility the United Kingdom takes very seriously. I am proud that we, as a major donor to the Kovacs system, are working to ensure that vaccines reach everyone. ”

Perksel Freilingsdorf, the Swedish Acting Ambassador in Cairo, spoke about Sweden’s efforts in this regard and the need for concerted global efforts, saying: “We need more international cooperation and solidarity to address the global crises of our time. Sweden is now the largest per capita contributor to the Kovacs initiative. Moreover, Sweden donated an additional 1 million doses of Kovacs earlier this week. We will continue to work with our partners in the European Union and beyond to achieve fair access to vaccines and ensure a more equitable distribution. No one is safe until everyone is safe. ”

As Noki Masaki, Ambassador of Japan to Egypt, said: “Japan has worked to establish and form the Kovacs system. It has already contributed an amount of two hundred million US dollars. It will also co-host with Gavi the Advance Market Commitments Summit next June in order to strengthen This international mechanism to ensure and expedite equitable access to Corona vaccines, regardless of income level.

Japan also decided to expand the scope of last-mile support services to include Egypt, and Japan will provide 760 vaccination centers in Egypt with cold storage facilities through UNICEF in order to make vaccines accessible to all. We will continue to work within the concept of human security by not neglecting anyone’s health or letting it be left behind.

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