Amer: I wish Mustafa Fathy to stay .. I do not want to repeat Nasser’s experience


Mohamed Farag Amer, Chairman of Smouha Club, confirmed that he hopes Mustafa Fathy, the player on loan from Zamalek, will stay for a new period after the end of his current loan period.

Amer indicated in statements on Sada Al-Balad channel that Smouhas administration did not contact Zamalek to keep Fathi, pointing to his wish that Nasser Maher not participate regularly with the player on loan to his team now.

Amer said: “We did not contact Zamalek to keep Mustafa Fathi after the end of his loan, but I hope that he will definitely remain with us. I do not want to repeat what happened with Nasser Maher.”

He continued: “Nasser Maher finished last season and is the best player in Egypt, but when he returned to Al-Ahly, he did not participate. Certainly, the injury had a role, and it is not my business in the first place, but it is an example.”

He added: “Mustafa Fathi is a very, very wonderful player. I do not want what happened before to Nasser Maher, Salah Mohsen, Ahmed Abul Fotouh, Muhammad Abu Jabal, and others,” he added.

He concluded: “Certainly any player wants to play in Al-Ahly and Zamalek, but I speak in this way, in the interest of the players.”


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