America, Turkey, Qatar and Hamas in Cairo .. Oh horror !! – Imad Eddin Hussein


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Anyone who reads the headlines in recent days may be surprised when he reads, for example: “US President Joe Biden calls President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and thanks him for his role in stopping the confrontations between the Israelis and the Palestinians.”
Less than four days later, another headline says: “Biden calls President El-Sisi again to discuss issues and problems in the region.”
Another headline in last Tuesday’s news says: “President Al-Sisi meets in Cairo with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, and receives an invitation to visit Doha from Emir Tamim bin Hamad, Emir of Qatar.”
A few days earlier, there were headlines saying: “Egyptian-Turkish talks to achieve reconciliation between the two countries, based on Turkish desire.”
But these three important news, and other similar news confirm one, only and true truth, which is that relations between states do not know friendship or permanent enmity, but rather permanent interests, but some fossilized minds believe that state relations know only black and white colors.
Some of the simple, ignorant, or foolish-minded people thought, for example, that US President Joe Biden would not communicate with the leaders of the Arab and Middle Eastern region, including President El-Sisi, given his statements, positions and opinions during his election campaign. Some of them even assumed that Biden would bring them back to the political scene again, After living four lean years under the Donald Trump administration. They forgot that the relationship of countries is governed by interests, and so Biden called Sisi twice within four days, and he was the initiator of the contact both times.
And when all this happened, those betting on the continuation of Biden’s anger in the entire region were severely frustrated, and the reason is that they forgot the base of permanent interests.
The same thing happened in the Qatari case, although it cannot be compared at all with the American case, but we are talking about the similarity of the two models. Many Egyptians did not for a moment imagine that there would be reconciliation, rapprochement, or a normal relationship between Egypt and Qatar. But they completely forgot that the reasons for the disagreement may disappear, decrease or disappear, or that the two countries decided to manage normal relations even in light of the existing differences for reasons pertaining to each party.
Then the matter was repeated for the three time with the Turkish case, many believed that as long as Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues as president of Turkey, relations with Egypt will never improve, given everything Erdogan did against Egypt, its government, its regime and its president, and his absolute support for the Brotherhood, his embrace and their support for them, and then they were surprised. The simple people that Erdogan, his regime and his “Islamic party” sell to everyone they think are his friends, guests and supporters. And he insists on Egypt for reconciliation at any cost.
We can disagree with Erdogan on everything, and criticize him for his stances that have harmed the Arab nation, but it is certain that he is a pragmatic, pragmatist, of a unique style. Therefore, when it was confirmed that Egypt, which he had fought for a long time, could cause him strategic losses in many areas from the eastern Mediterranean to Libya to the Gulf and Africa, he began approaching Egypt, preaching its affection and seeking its reconciliation.
What Erdogan did is a very common thing in interstate relations, but it is very strange for those who believe that life and international relations are based on emotions, feelings, love and hate. Such people are shocked strongly when they discover that it is the interests that prevailed and triumphed.
The same pattern was repeated a few days ago with Libya, when Egypt dealt with the new Libyan government with complete openness, and received its president, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, at the Federal Palace in Cairo, in his first departure from Libya, after assuming the position.
The same thing happened two years ago with the Hamas movement in Gaza, which discovered that it could not tolerate hostility to Egypt, and therefore temporarily forgot its Brotherhood affiliations, for the sake of its practical interests.
My personal thought is that we cannot blame the simple people who think that state relations are based only on rigid principles and emotions, but we have to blame some media that portray them with this, and make them believe that our relations with this or that country will remain tense throughout life. While the first and most important principle of politics is that there is nothing fixed … everyone is mobile, changeable, and there is no permanent except the face of God Almighty.

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