American pharmaceutical companies are developing new vaccines for Corona in the form of pills and sprays


The American Al-Hurra TV reported today, Tuesday, that the vaccines currently authorized for use in the United States, such as (Pfizer) and (Moderna), require very low temperatures to store and transport them, and the person who receives the vaccine takes two doses at long intervals, and the new vaccines exceed these Restrictions and governments can access them to rural areas more easily.
The news channel added that the Maryland-based company “Alt Meon” is developing a nasal spray, similar to the flu vaccine “Flu Mist” produced by AstraZeneca, and the “Fax Art” company in California is developing a vaccine in the form of a pill, a small study showed that it achieved Positive results regarding its ability to provide an immune response and protect against mutated strains, and the company plans to conduct a second phase of trials, by mid-2021.

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