Amir Karara celebrates Eid with children in front of his house (video) | news


The artist Amir Karara was keen to share with his fans the celebration of Eid al-Fitr through Hesabe on the social networking site “Instagram”.

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Amir Karara posted a video with his son and friends as he threw fireworks into the air, and they fell to the ground amid the joy of children in front of his house.

“Karara” participated in the Ramadan marathon in the series “Nassal Al Ghurab” written and directed by Mohamed Sami, produced by Synergy – Tamer Morsi, and starring Ahmed El Sakka, Mai Omar, Diab, Muhammad Juma, Firdous Abdel Hamid, Edward, Najla Badr, Muhammad Alaa, Ahmed Malik Ahmed Dash, Mohamed Mahran and Ahmed Fahim.

And witnessed the events of the last episode of the series:

– The body of “Hamza” arrives at the “Assaf” company, but he orders it to go to the house of “Jalila” as a gift from “forgiveness” for her.

– “Forgiveness” gets rid of “Ali” on his way back to the country and reminds him of his previous warning not to interfere in the conflict between him and Assaf.

– “Jalila” receives the body of her second son “Hamza” and collapses as soon as she sees it. She receives news of the death of her brother “Ali” while she embraces the body of her son “Hamza”.

Assaf gets rid of Bakri and his father, amid the joy of the Roma and the people of the country.

– Jalila goes quickly to Assaf’s house, carrying the gun, and decides to get rid of him, but she does not find him and threatens him.

– She goes to the house of “Ghufran” carrying the rifle and threatens him with death because he got rid of her son “Hamza” and when he is accused of killing him, his mother prevents her and asks her to leave the company.

– “Ghufran” tells her that he killed “Hamza” and “Ali” and her father in the old big battle.

– “Assaf” goes to the house of Mayor “Haseeb” to kill him in revenge for him divorcing “Jalila” and marrying her out of “forgiveness” and punishing him by hanging.

Raghdas father breaks into Ali’s house to take his daughter by force and attacks Ali’s mother, Najat.

– Jalila goes out to the people of the country and warns them of the evil of “Assaf” and “Forgiveness” and asks them to stand against them.

– The people of the country storm the house of “Assaf” carrying a torch of fire, while “Assaf” and “Forgiveness” struggle inside the “Assaf” company.

– Police forces arrive at the “Assaf” company, arrest his men, and arrest the two “Ghufran” and “Assaf”.

After a year has passed, “Assaf” and “Forgiveness” will be sentenced to death.

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