Among them is the Middle East … a Russian agency that identifies the areas in which F.


08:43 PM

Friday 07 May 2021


The Russian Federal Space Agency “Ross Cosmos” revealed its expectations regarding the area in which the debris of the Chinese missile, which Beijing lost control of, might fall.

Ross Cosmos Executive Director Dmitry Rogozin posted on his Telegram channel, quoted by Russia Today, a map showing the area in which, according to Russias assessments, the out-of-control phase of the 18-ton Long missile might fall. March 5B (CZ-5B).

This area extends between two circles of 40 degrees north and south latitude, and includes the entire Middle East and Africa, large parts of Asia and North America, most of South America, all of continental Australia and a small part of Europe, without including Russia.

And China ruled out earlier in the day that any damage is caused by the fall of its lost missile, likely that it will burn when entering the atmosphere.

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