An American dies in a black bear attack


An American dies in a black bear attack


Authorities in the US state of Colorado said that a 39-year-old woman had died, apparently after a black bear attack, in the fourth fatal accident of its kind in the state since she began recording in 1960.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service said in a statement that a friend of the victim’s body was found Friday evening near the town of Durango, 563 km from Denver.

The man told the police that he came home in the evening, discovered her absence and found their dogs outside. The man then searched an area to which she visited with the two dogs and notified the police as soon as he found her body.

Authority officials stated that “the authorities found traces of bear fur on the body of the woman.” Wildlife officials identified a ten-year-old bear and two other little bears, using police dogs, and killed her “out of more caution.”

A spokesman for the authority said in a statement that Colorado is home to an estimated 19,000 black bears.

Source: “Reuters”

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