An Arab country prohibits the holding of Eid prayers and imposes a curfew, starting from next Saturday


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The Supreme Committee for Dealing with Coronavirus in the Sultanate of Oman decided to prevent the movement of individuals and cars from 7 pm until 4 am, during the period from next Saturday 8 to 15 May.

The decisions issued by the committee, according to the Oman News Agency, also included the banning of all commercial activities during that period with the exception of food stores, gas stations, health institutions, and pharmacies, and allowing home delivery of all goods during the period of the ban, in addition to suspending the attendance of employees to the headquarters Their work and the adoption of a remote work system in the various units of the state’s administrative apparatus and other public legal persons, during the period from Sunday 9 until Tuesday 11 May.

The committee added, in its decisions, not to hold Eid prayers in all parts of the Sultanate, to prohibit the establishment of traditional Eid markets, and to prohibit gatherings of all kinds, including beaches, parks and public parks, during the days of Eid al-Fitr.

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