An artist who has a position with President Sadat … about Zeenat Sedky, we are talking


An Egyptian actress possessing divine wit, she performs her roles spontaneously, which helped her reach the heart of viewers with lightning speed. She is the great artist. Zeenat SedkyToday, the anniversary of her birth passes, as she was born on this day, May 4, 1912 AD.

Zeenat Sedqi studied at the “Ansar Acting and Imaginative Institute”, which was founded by the artist Zaki Tulaimat in Alexandria, but her father prevented her from completing her studies and married her, and the marriage did not last for more than a year, to enter the world of art as a singer and dancer.

She joined Naguib al-Rihani’s troupe, then to the cinema, to participate in her first work in 1937 AD, “Behind the Scenes” by Kamal Selim, and the work continues to reach more than 200 films, most notably: “Miss Hanafi, Ibn Hamido, Ladies Barber, Love Street, Our Sweet Days, Four.” Girls and Officer, Between Your Hands, The Green Threshold, Ismail Yassin in Madinat Hospital, and her latest film was “A Girl Name Mahmoud 1975 AD, according to what was stated in the book” Black and White “by Ashraf Beidas.

The late artist Zinat Sidqi faced many crises before her departure, as the disease and the diminution of the lights, and rumors of selling the “furniture” of her house, which was exiled by her granddaughter in a dialogue for “The Seventh Day” and after her great artistic history, the state requested her honor by the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat in 1976. She left our world because of her lung water injury, leaving the art world on March 2, 1978 AD, leaving behind her valuable artworks that have attracted the masses until now.


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