An incomplete agreement between Al-Ahly, Ibrahim Adel and Abdel-Rahman Magdy … and the timing of the settlement of the new deal –


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The Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib is discussing with South African Pitso Musimani to settle it from time to time, the latest developments in the file of deals and contracts during the summer transfer period, and this comes in light of a great desire on the part of the Red Castle management to include the best deals in some centers in which some Defect.

On top of the centers that South African coach Pitso Mosimane, Al-Ahly club’s coach, plans to support in the summer is the wing center.

The distinguished journalist and journalist revealed the developments of the last hours in Al-Ahly club’s negotiations with Abdel-Rahman Magdy, the Ismaili wing and Ibrahim Adel Al-Joker, the offensive against the Pyramids team.
Khaled Al-Etribi said in his statements on his YouTube program “Voice of Ahlawy”, “Betsu Musimani had previously requested a contract with Abd al-Rahman Majdi, the Ismaeli team’s wing.”

He added, “Musimani had also requested a contract with Ibrahim Adel, the wing of the Pyramids team, during the summer transfer period.”

He continued, “The new thing is that Al-Ahly club has asked Pitso Musimani to specify new names, due to the difficulty of contracting with Ibrahim Adel or Abdel-Rahman Magdy in the coming period.”

He revealed, “Al-Ahly Club is waiting for Betso Musimani to determine the local wing that he wants to include, as well as the foreign wing that he wants to include and resolve all these files and nominations after the meeting of the Berkane Renaissance in the African Super in Qatar.”

Ibrahim Adel had signed earlier for the Al-Ahly club, with Amir Tawfiq, the contracting manager, but the Pyramids administration intervened and decided to document the player’s contract, despite the player’s desire and dream to wear the red shirt during the last period.

At a time during which Abd al-Rahman Majdi is considered one of the distinguished elements in the Ismaili ranks, and is mainly participating under the leadership of Shawqi Gharib in the Olympic team.

Al-Ahly club is currently preparing to compete in the South African Sun Downs confrontation, as the first leg will be held next Saturday at Cairo International Stadium, while the second leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League will be held on May 22, while the African Super match will be held against Nahdet Berkane in Qatar. On May 28th.

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