An unexpected response from Magdy Abdel-Ghani after he was accused of harassment, Barania Youssef (video) | news


Captain Magdy Abdel-Ghani, the former Al-Ahly player, responded to his accusation of verbally harassing the artist Rania Youssef, saying: “God made a need and I admire her as an artist.”

Inas El-Deghidi confronted Captain Magdy Abdel-Ghani, during his interview on the program “Sheikh Al-Hara and the Bold”, on the “Cairo and the People” screen, when he said that the Oud Al-Batal song is riding on Rania Youssef, to reply, saying: “It is beautiful and the song of the hero is the hero and my times did not respond to what I say it because she trusts me. ”

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When asked about who is in the artistic community, “Oud Al-Batal” other than Rania Youssef ?, Magdy Abdel-Ghani replied: “Rania is outperforming them, but there is Sumaya al-Khashab.”

It is worth noting that the chapters of the “Sheikh Al Hara and the Daring” program, in the fifth season, contain the following paragraphs: “The danger triangle, your biography on every tongue, your temperature, black and white, Sheikh Al Hara, Enemy and No lover, what if, the critical moment.”

The program’s team also surprised the guests of the “Sheikh Al Hara” episodes at the end of the episode by transferring them to the virtual world, which was met with a mixed reaction between fear, horror, amazement and enjoyment, which was the alternative to the guests ’refusal to answer any of the danger triangle questions.

“Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jara`a” daily in the blessed month of Ramadan, immediately after Maghrib prayer at 6:25 pm and the repeat at 12 midnight.

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