An unknown air strike targeting the Saudi city of Jeddah


Today, Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Defense announced the interception and destruction of a hostile air target targeting the Saudi city of Jeddah, according to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, in an urgent news to it a short while ago.

The Saudi crown prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, had Confirmed in his TV interviewOn Tuesday, his country rejected the presence of “any armed organization outside the law” on its borders, calling on the Houthi militia to cease fire in Yemen and engage in negotiations.

He stressed that “no country in the world accepts the presence of a militia on its borders or any armed organization outside the law of the state on the borders, and this is unacceptable to Saudi Arabia and the countries of the region and unacceptable to the legitimacy (the internationally recognized government) in Yemen.”

He added, “We hope that Al-Houthi will sit around the negotiating table with the collector of Yemeni poles to reach solutions that guarantee the rights of everyone in Yemen and also guarantee the interests of the countries of the region.”

He continued: “The land is provided by Saudi Arabia for a ceasefire, economic support, and everything they want in return Houthi ceasefire Sit around the negotiating table. ”

He pointed out that there is no doubt that there is a “strong relationship” between the Houthis and the Iranian regime, but he expressed his wishes that the group would take into account Yemen’s interests before anything else.

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