An urgent decision from the Governor of Cairo regarding cafes that violate the procedures of CO


11:16 PM

Sunday 02 May 2021


Major General Khaled Abdel Aal, Governor of Cairo, directed that a number of cafes be sealed in the Sheraton area of ​​Al-Nuzha, for a period of one month for not adhering to preventive measures to confront the Corona virus, and the circulation of hookah in it, in violation of state decisions and endangering the lives of citizens.

Today, Sunday, the governor of Cairo led a massive campaign in the Nozha streets, to monitor the implementation of preventive measures to confront the Corona virus, and the commitment of cafes and cafes to prevent the provision of hookahs, and the application of social distancing.

The governor of Cairo affirmed that the state will strictly apply precautionary measures to confront the Coronavirus during the holy month of Ramadan to protect the health and safety of citizens and impose immediate fines on violators.

The governor also stressed the need to deal firmly with cafeterias, cafes and cafes that violate the precautionary and preventive measures, and to continue to follow up on preventing the provision of hookah, to apply the imposed fines and to close the violators immediately, with the confiscation of all the supplies used in the violation and to ensure that the precautionary and preventive measures are applied, especially wearing masks, the availability of disinfectants, and leaving separate distances. Between the tables, and to confirm the commitment to the specified closing dates, and to use single-use tools such as plates, cups and other personal items, and to provide tissues and sterilizers inside the toilets and sterilize them continuously.

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