Apple adds a new feature to its diabetic smart watch


Reports revealed that “Apple” may add a new feature to its smart watch in the future, which is the ability to monitor blood sugar levels. According to the British newspaper “The Telegraph” and the American magazine “Forbes”, the “Apple” watch may be able to monitor sugar In the blood thanks to its partnership with the British health technology company, “Rockley Phonetics”, especially since the American “Apple” company has been one of its major customers during the past two years.

Rockley’s business focuses on manufacturing sensors that track blood glucose, pressure and even alcohol levels, indicating that at least one of those features will be available on the Apple Watch in the future, according to reports.

Apple’s support for diabetics has so far been limited to carrying external monitoring devices in its stores, and the addition of the Apple Watch to its blood glucose measurement feature comes amid great industrial interest in developing wearable blood sugar sensors that do not require the insertion of needles into the body.

Reports revealed last March about a new feature in the “Apple” smart watch, which is its ability to accurately measure the fragility of cardiovascular patients. According to the “MacRoomers” and “My Health Apple” sites, researchers from Stanford University said that the “Apple watch” “She can tell this from the distance patients walk inside their homes by walking for only 6 minutes, to confirm that it is like an in-clinic examination.”


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