“Apple” is developing a foldable phone … and this is the date of its launch and its specifications


According to technical analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, “CamelIt will introduce a foldable phone in 2023.

And according to CNBC, Ming said, it is expected that between 15 and 20 phones will be produced. “IphoneIt will be folded in 2023.

According to Ming, it is likely that the new model from “Apple” will include an 8-inch foldable screen of the “OLED” type.

Ming explained that “Apple” directed to enter The phone market Foldable has become necessary, in light of the keenness of phone manufacturers to enter this area.

“Foldable phones will be a field for competition,” Ming added Telephone companies After the boom in devices that support the fifth generation communications networks. “

Ming believes that the upcoming iPhone may adopt silver nanowires that touch the screen of the device, giving Apple a competitive advantage in the foldable device market.

This display technology will be necessary for future foldable devices, which support more than one fold, according to the IT News website. Technical news.

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