Argentine newspaper: Maradona suffered 12 hours before his death and his mental abilities were incomplete


Argentine newspaper “Clarin” said that the medical committee responsible for investigating the death of football legend Diego Armando Maradona confirmed that he had been suffering from severe pain for 12 hours before his death, meaning that he was dying, yet he was not saved, confirming that the medical team Its “imperfect, reckless and indifferent”.

The Argentine Medical Committee also confirmed that Maradona could have been saved from death and had a better chance of survival, as in its first conclusion, and that Maradona would not have died if he had received adequate treatment in the hospital, taking into account the situation documented in the days before his death, for the purposes of The health center receives attention according to good medical practices, and 22 experts in the medical committee agreed that it would have had a better chance of survival.

The experts strongly criticized the work of the medical team headed by the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Locke and the psychiatrist Augustina Kosachov. In addition to describing their actions as “insufficient, inadequate and reckless”, the committee emphasized that it can be inferred “that the medical team treating fully and comprehensively represents the possibility of a fatal outcome in relation to the patient.” , Being absolutely indifferent to this question, not to modify their behaviors, the medical plan and the care laid, to maintain the harmful omissions mentioned above, and to abandon the health of the patient to “fate.”

Regarding his professional relationship with Maradona, Dr. Locky declared in court in November, “My actions do not show that I have acted in negligence.” Kosachov’s lawyer told CNN last December that his client “from a medical point of view acted in the best judgment.”

“He started to die at least 12 hours ago.”

The experts also confirmed the findings of the autopsy that determined the cause of death, “acute lung edema secondary to exacerbation of chronic heart failure,” and the supplementary studies that did not reveal drug or alcohol abuse in his body.

But they noticed that Maradona suffered from long pain, he began to die at least 12 hours before 12:30 on 11/25/2020, that is, he presented unambiguous signs of a long painful period, so we conclude that the patient was not well controlled. Correct from 00:30 hours.

“He was not in a state of full use of his mental faculties.”

The report confirms that the former footballer “at least since entering the” La Plata City Clinic “, has not been in a state of full use of his mental abilities, and has not been in a position to make decisions about his health.

Then he also refers to the supposed “home stay” that Maradona had set up in that house in Tigre, north of Buenos Aires, as of November 11, when he was discharged from Olivos’ clinic, where he died for two weeks.

For the board of directors, home hospitalization “was not the case, as there were no minimum guidelines for such hospitalization in a patient with multiple complex diseases. AMD“.

Medical experts emphasized that the nursing service in that home “suffers from deficiencies and irregularities,” and that there are no “correct controls and assistance” by “paramedics” and “medical escorts.”

Finally, the medical committee referred the psychological treatment that he prescribed to Maradona, and the experts indicated that this drug is not suitable for him in terms of dose and weight, and therefore it cannot be excluded that this drug also had a fatal result for him, especially since no tests were performed in the last 14 days. About its effect on the heart.

Although all the defendants plead not guilty, they have not yet interacted with this report, which must be analyzed by the prosecutors involved in the case and will determine how the judicial investigation will continue.


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