Armed robbery and the seven-day journey .. What happened at Sheikh Z’s post office


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Tuesday 04 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

A year ago, the post office officials of the First District in Sheikh Zayed City brought in a technician to carry out maintenance work. It was the first time that Muhammad set foot in the office before that young man returned to carry out a satanic scheme during the day in Ramadan.

A legal emergence followed several times during which the twenty-year-old visited the post office between receiving a cash transfer at one time and sending one at another. None of the office workers knew what was going on in Mohamed’s mind.

At the end of last April, about 15 minutes before the sunset call to prayer, the upscale neighborhood was on a date with an armed robbery incident that has become the talk of the hour.

Satta, a gang formation, one of them carried a firearm, “singing a cartouche” at the post office, and its members seized 350 thousand pounds, and fled, taking advantage of the empty streets of pedestrians at that time.

Shock mixed with terror gripped the post office workers, who lost their speech for minutes. They tried to gather strength that had just broken out. Someone thought that it was a joke in the comedy pranks program until he woke up to a bitter reality.

A few minutes were enough to spread the detectives in the October Sector and the Sheikh Zayed Division, after a report by the emergency police. Quick directives from Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Director of Giza Investigation, for the criminal investigation officers to carefully examine the scene of the accident and follow the perpetrators’ escape route to quickly identify and arrest them.

Moving to Sheikh Zayed’s First Police Station – close to the post office – Major General Medhat Fares, Deputy Director of Giza Investigation, held a meeting with the research team, with the participation of Brigadier General Alaa Fathy, Head of the October Sector and Colonel Ahmed Najm, Sheikh Zayed’s Inspector, during which they discussed the search plan to be implemented and the distribution of roles.

A small meeting followed that chaired by Major Karim Samir, head of the investigations, with his assistants; To finalize the action plan, hoping to capture the perpetrators of the burglary.

Discussing the post office workers, the detectives discovered they had made a catastrophic mistake that caused the accident. It was found that, after the end of the official working hours, they began making an inventory of funds without closing the external iron door, appointing a guard, or using the police.

Major Ahmed Al-Badri and Captain Islam Shawq, assistants of Sheikh Zayed’s Investigation Department, worked on examining the post office workers and reviewing what was captured by surveillance cameras, especially alerting the department leaders to the postal officials to tighten guarding the branch

Cameras showed a car stopped, including 4 people wearing medical masks – they concealed their faces – and one of them carried a cartridge.

A whole week the detectives couldn’t sleep. Shuttle trips to collect information and track the escape route, her efforts culminated in concluding that the mastermind of the accident is a maintenance technician named “Mohammed 28 years”, who lives in Sheikh Zayed, and that he regularly visits the post office in place of the incident.

After the procedures were legalized, captains Hussam Abdel-Monsef and Tariq Hamzawy were able to arrest the main suspect, who admitted committing the incident as indicated, explaining, “Every time, in the spirit of the post office, I see the safe open in front of me, and there are no security personnel or any need, so I said an easy sortie.”

With the guidance of the mastermind on behalf of his partners, a mission led by Colonel Ahmed Negm, Major Karim Samir and his assistants Ahmed Al-Badri and Islam Shawq was launched one after the other.

Three defendants were arrested in the governorate of Giza, the weapon “Fard Kartoush” and the vehicle used in the commission of the incident, returned the seized sum, and intensified efforts to arrest the fugitive fifth accused in coordination with the public security sector headed by Major General Alaa Salim.

Farah Aarem invaded the pages interested in the news of Sheikh Zayed City, with the news of the fall of the accused in the robbery being circulated at the post office, thanking the detectives in the Giza Security Directorate under the supervision of Major General Ragab Abdel-Al.

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